BEACH 2013

TJAARDA483 – First time Sea, First time Drone Flying, First time filming behind a Van

He is managing lots of Firsts, he even enters some 90m into the sea for the first time. Though he is a tough competitor when it comes to grand prix dressage riding or chaise competitions, water for the first time, strong winds, a drone flying all the time it is different. He needs to adapt and he does. You can see he is not used to the situation, got some amount of fear but at the same time he trusts Susan and his friend whom we took with us to make sure he can rest in a safe place with a friend when nerves are exhausted. So Finally the rettungsbrigade helped us with filming, allowed us cameras on the Landcruiser and so we were driving in front of the horse with 6 cameras on the car. Was a very special summer day with Tjaarda483, named Tjardo V.

More than just a regular Stallion

Son of TIME398 he combines Beauty of movement, Dynamic of Expression and being gentle in Handling. He completely trusts his rider and helps when he knows how to solve a problem. Even at the Beach being the first time in water he is quite full of doubt and nerves but he performs and you can see, minute by minute he is learning managing the fear. At the end you can see him entering the truck without any issues or doubt, just by trusting his team. This kind of character you can buy with the Tjaarda Semen. Its more than just a regular stallion just looking nice.