We did some AI (Artificial Intelligence) on our Friesian Pictures. We used Keywords as Pieter Bruegel, Artistic, Imperail Colours, Pencil – here you see the outcome – quite interesting as we think.  In the first row you find the originals – the rest is art done by computers.


To talk about MENTAL POWER is not difficult. Even the judges in the keuring comissions may talk about it. You can trust the marketing and the nice wording and good advice you may receive. OR: you find out with your own eyes, you see it, you feel it, you compare, you experience. THIS IS TJAARDA483: NO WORDS, JUST ACTION !


He fits to new environments, water, sand, wind, storm, rain, wet grass, heavy sand and is able to use hier talent and strengths exaclty when they are needed


First time in the sea, on the seaside, lots of audience, very windy, drone flying over his head and still this horse performes. He may open his eyes a bit more as usual but he delivers. This Genes work!


Most easy part, running on show events is not difficult, does not show anything.


Competing is also not difficult, WINNING is ! When a horse wins, it wants to win, it is not afraid of taking risk. TJAARDA483 proved over the years that he delivers !


Come fly with him, take your camera man with you. This horse wont let you down. Never sick, never injured, does know how to perform without taking injuries; quite rare phenomenon.